29 Jan

Getting Dental Implants in the City of London

If you have a tooth missing and are considering getting it replaced in the city of London, or are having problems with your dentures slipping around, you may like to consider having a dental implant fitted to help you with the dilemma. Implants are used for a number of dental procedures these days and with radical advances in implant methods mean that they are easier and quicker than ever to fit, and are considered to be as strong and as efficient as the root they replace. They also help maintain a healthy mouth; a missing tooth can lead to movement in the remaining teeth, house unwanted bacteria and lead to gum disease. If you are considering having one for a bridge or just to house a single tooth, it’s a pretty straight forward operation, thanks to modern micro surgery and protein healing agents. The implant is screwed into the jawbone through the gum and allowed to heal, before a temporary tooth or bridge is attached so that the gums can mature. Then the new fixture can be set in the mouth. In the case of dentures, mini implants can be fitted in a day by the same process. Once they are in, the dentures simply click onto the implants, holding the dentures strong and true in the mouth and combined with a fixative, there will be no embarrassing moments with your teeth falling out over dinner. The cost for an implant has dropped considerably- some coming in for as little as £400, though that is the implant alone, you then have to take into account the cost of the other work required. Mini’s cost far less