12 Dec

Getting fitted with Delightful Lumineers in the City of London

So how do you go about covering up years of wear and tear to your teeth that are starting to make your smile rather medieval in appearance? Well the answer is to get Lumineers fitted. These gems can help to cover up anything from bad discolouration, cracks, gaps and even gums that have started to recede a little and unlike the fitting of traditional veneers, they are simple to fit. Your teeth will be given a quick clean before a mould can be taken; from this mould the Lumineers will be made, and once they are in the hands of your dentist, they are simply glued straight onto the surface of the teeth. Now normally, this could take a couple of weeks to do, but if your dentist has access to CEREC technology, it can be done in the hour- which rather fits into the whole philosophy of Lumineers. Even if your teeth aren’t that bad, you can have them fitted for certain occasions and then removed again afterwards if you are feeling that decadent. Lumineers aren’t designed to last forever, just enough to get through a period of your life. However, they do look sensational when they are in your mouth and give you a smile that will grace any party in an affluent city of London.