28 Jan

Getting It And Fighting It: Teeth Decay In Central London

There are a lot of spiteful things that can attack your teeth and gums the moment you take your eye off your oral hygiene and plaque is the biggest enemy of all to you in central London. It grows from the unchecked bacteria deposited onto your teeth and will soon harden into tartar. Aside from affecting the health of your gums, the acids from this will eat away at the surfaces of the teeth and soon you will be suffering from tooth decay. This is where the enamel has begun to breakdown completely and started to break into the inside of the tooth. The first indication that you are having problems will be pains shooting through your teeth every time you eat or drink something. Your dentist would have also have spotted the early signs of this with an x-ray and fixed you up with a filling. But further deterioration can lead to the whole of the inside of the tooth becoming infected, from the pulp to the roots and then a root canal is required in order to save the tooth. Good oral hygiene and regular dental appointments are two of the best things you have at your disposal at fighting this, but you can also be careful about what you are eating and drinking as well to limit the acids that you are exposing your teeth to.