22 Apr

Getting it Right- Toothbrushes in London

Green brushes, red brushes, short brushes, tall brushes, bent brushes, straight brushes, hard bristles, soft bristles, electric or battery- all from a factory……You could go on for ever about the amount of toothbrushes on offer in London, there’s a hell of a of choice out there and some would say it’s just another money spinner for the industry. But if you look deeper, past the cynicism, the amount of choice can only be good for your teeth and oral health. We all have different shaped mouths, gums and teeth, so what brush is good for one person, may not be good for another. Some people are suited to hard abrasive brushes, where others require a more delicate touch. The problem of choice can be difficult to get right at first, so for a sound bite, you would do well to check in with your dentist for a little advice on the subject; they can also show you how to brush correctly. How many of us have actually been shown how to clean our teeth correctly?? Then with this information to hand, the choice becomes simpler. In vogue right now are electric tooth brushes, for they do the work for you and get ‘right in there’ where it matters to remove bacteria and plaque- the prime objective. On the subject of bacteria, a brush makes the perfect home for germs, as it starts to wear down. This is why it needs to be changed regularly to maintain cleaning efficiently.