15 May

Getting on board with Enlighten Tooth Whitening in London

Your dentist would be the first to admit that although there are some fabulous teeth whitening products around in London, which you can do yourself at home, they would rather know what you are up to, because if things go wrong, they are the ones that will have to patch you up. So it is then that there is a stunning treatment on the market that makes a happy compromise between you and your dentist- Enlighten Tooth Whitening. Your dentist will get you up and running by fitting you out with the bleaching trays that you need because they need to be water-tight, but then the rest is down to you. Once the trays have been made, you take the whole program  home with and do the work yourself. Each night, you fill the trays with the whitening agent and simply fit them over your teeth. It is this whitening while you sleep that is just one of the benefits of this treatment, because you can go about things normally during the day. The course will last you a couple of weeks and once you have completed it, you just pop back to your dentist again for a quick touch up. What you won’t be ready for is the results- they are sensational and this treatment is considered to be one of the most brilliant around on the market today. It ticks every box for everyone, so ask your dentist about getting this done.