18 Nov

Getting quick repairs in the City of London with CEREC

The City of London demands many things of you and if you want to maintain your status, you have to keep ahead of the game, especially in the way you look; your teeth play a large part of this equation and should anything go wrong, it is comforting to know that something like CEREC can have you patched up in around the hour. This computer driven system designs crowns, bridges and veneers and once the problem area has been imaged and designed by the computer programme, it is thrown straight into a machine that will produce your new part on the spot; this will take around 30 minutes to do whilst in the meantime, the dentist can get you ready- and check you out for other problems too. In no time at all, the fitting can be set into place and if there is any problem, it can be sorted out on the spot. This means that for anyone who is on the go all of the time yet needs their smile, this treatment is so ideal.