23 Nov

Getting root canal treatment in the city of London

In the city of London, as with anywhere, getting a root canal strikes fear into heart of its victim. This frightening technique can cause the mother of all pains, almost complete blood loss and ultimately decapitation, or more seriously, death! Sound familiar? The myths that surround root canal treatment have been blown completely out of proportion and in reality; it is no more dangerous or painful than a filling! Maybe if more attention was paid to oral hygiene in the first place, we wouldn’t be discussing this problem right now. A dentist will always be loathed to extract a tooth if it can be saved, and root canal treatment can halt infection at the tooth’s centre. Decay can be caused be poor hygiene, where the build up tartar infects the tooth and decay sets in. It can also be caused by an injury or trauma. Essentially, root canal treatment involves the clearing out of any infection in the tooth and the removal of the roots. Once this has been achieved, the tooth is cleaned and filled, in some cases, with a crown. All this can be done using a local anaesthetic and in 90% of cases, the tooth can last up to a further ten years.