31 Aug

Getting Root Canals in London

If you’re suffering from tooth decay, it’s probably safe to say that it is pretty much your own fault, because tooth decay is a direct result of poor oral hygiene. This common evil is caused by bacteria and acids being allowed to eat into the tooth’s enamel and get inside and infect the pulp of the tooth. This in turn will then set about destroying the root as well. It is very easy to miss though because the first time you realise that this has happened is when the tooth becomes painful around eating hot and cold foods or fluids- worst case scenario, an abscess will erupt and then you have got problems. The only remedy to this and any chance you have of saving the tooth is to have root canal treatment. This is where everything that is rotten inside the tooth is removed and the roots are drilled out. Then the tooth is filled again with a crown. The procedure has had, in the past, bad press for being extremely painful as getting the whole root removed with conventional drills is not always successful. On the whole, though, modern dental techniques and sedatives make it no more painful than having your teeth de-scaled and polished. And if you have a look around London, you’ll find that there are dentists that use the latest laser technology, such as Waterlase (considered to be completely pain-free),
for this type of procedure. If all this still leaves you a tad cold at the thought of it all, here’s a thing then- clean your teeth properly and don’t skip on dental appointments!