06 Mar

Getting the best from your Denture Adhesives in the City of London

There has been a lot of technology ploughed into dentures over the years; in the way they look and what they are made from. Modern dentures are a thing of beauty these days and being made from more flexible, softer materials, they adhere to the inside of the mouth better than ever before. But when you first have them fitted, there will be this twilight period as the gums will shrink and settle down and this is the time that denture adhesives are the best things to turn to in order to reassure you that they are going to stay in the mouth while this movement goes on. Just like dentures, a lot of energy has been put into improving the quality of adhesives too. The problems before with these adhesives was that they were soluble in water, this was so that they weren’t harmful when swallowed, yet they also helped to thicken the saliva, making a tight lock up against the gums, which is especially essential in the lower denture as it hasn’t as much gum to marry up against like the top one. Now though, there are a lot of adhesives that aren’t water based, so they help stick better and they come in two different types, a cream and an adhesive strip. With better dentures, a good adhesive shouldn’t be too hard to find, but even then, it can be a bit of trial and error before settling on the one that suits you.