29 Nov

Getting the Crown in London

If ever you have suffered from tooth decay and even tooth loss in London and you need to be patched up, chances are you will have to be fitted with some form of crown to repair what you have lost. Serious tooth decay can lead to all manner of problems: to counter it, you’ll need to have a root canal in order to save your tooth, followed by the fitting of a crown. Similarly, if the tooth is lost all together and you decide to go down the dental implant route, then a crown will be fitted onto the implant. What type of crown you have fitted is down to you and your dentist but it is pretty much determined by where the problem has occurred. For instance, anything that has gone wrong at the back of the mouth will require a sturdy replacement in order to cope with the pressures of everyday chewing. The two crowns that fit the bill are made either from gold or, if you want to keep the natural look, then you may want to go for a porcelain-over-metal crown- both are designed for strength. However, if you have suffered damage at the front of you mouth, the repaired tooth needn’t require such strength in the crown. You can now opt for a full porcelain crown which will compliment the rest of your teeth. Or, as is considered to look cool these days, you can go for gold again- just to show off a bit and give your teeth a bit of street credibility.