04 Feb

Getting the look quickly with CEREC in the City of London

Sometimes, getting a little bit of restoration work done to improve your smile can be very hard to fit in to a busy week in the city of London, and sometimes this can cause a big dilemma, because in some work places, you need to be at your best all of the time and you need your smile to be pristine. Normally, getting a bridge replaced, having a crown, or getting veneers and lumineers fitted can take up to three weeks to complete- more if the fitting is wrong, and comprising of a few appointments as well. So then, CEREC is just the treatment you need to overcome all of these problems. Once you’ve booked an appointment, which will be at the most an hour and a half long, you sit in the chair and have a few x-rays and photos taken of the affected area. Then whilst you are being prepared and generally checked-up, a computer designs your new fitting and then relays all the information into a machine that makes the fitting there and then. This will take around 30 minutes and then once done, it can be cemented into place. Having all this technology to hand means that any problems can be solved in-house. And that’s it! Fast and simple and you go back to work with your smile intact.