21 Sep

Getting the right Brush in London

Oral hygiene is important to us all in London and one of the most important elements to this is getting the right toothbrush. What we are trying to do by brushing is remove the bacteria and debris left by food and plaque. Many dentists advocate small heads with soft bristles as they are better for getting into the areas that are hard to reach and with a strong grip handle and a scraper for your tongue on the reverse of the head- these are essentially the basic rules of a toothbrush. However, not all of our mouths are the same so getting it right at first can be very hit or miss and if you have any doubts about what your requirements are, you could always ask your dentist first for advice and they’ll be able to point you in the right direction, as they know the shape of your mouth from the inside. It’s important that any brush you use feels comfortable in the mouth; what are very popular these days are electric toothbrushes- they not only do the hard work for you but probably do it better than you could brush. Again these come in various guises- some rotate, some alternate and in the case of a sonic toothbrush, they are specifically designed to break down tartar and plaque. What is fact is that they need to be changed at regular intervals- around every three months as they tend to become worn and hence, their ability to do the job can become hindered and inefficient. The heads also harbour bacteria, so they need to be cleaned each day too…happy brushing!