19 Apr

Getting to Grips with Oral Hygiene in London is Highly Important

Oral hygiene includes practices used to keep the mouth clean, free from debris, healthy and fresh. Poor oral hygiene results in the build-up of sticky plaque that encourages infection-causing bacterial growth. Good oral hygiene maintenance prevents plaque build-up, tooth decay and gum disease.
Following dentistry-recommended oral hygiene guidelines, such as those provided by London dentists, ensures healthy teeth and gums. Not following dental advice may result in over-brushing that inflames the gums and leads to receding gums and gum tissue infection.
Children, the elderly and people with disabilities may need help with oral hygiene maintenance due to dexterity problems making it hard for them to handle a tooth brush for proper teeth cleaning. Ensuring that the vulnerable receive regular dental check-ups with professional dental cleaning is essential for their health and well-being.
Good oral hygiene practice involves:

  • Regular daily recommended teeth brushing after meals and before bed.
  • Daily teeth flossing, particularly after meals to remove food debris.
  • Use of fluoride toothpastes and antibacterial mouth rinses to prevent tooth decay.
  • Having regular dental check-ups to screen oral health.
  • Seeing a dental hygienist for teeth scaling and polishing.
  • Moderating sugary and acidic food intake that erodes tooth enamel.
  • Not smoking and limiting alcohol consumption that causes cancer.

Those who practice good oral hygiene and receive necessary dental treatment from NHS or private dentists when in London are at lower risk of gum infections, oral diseases and mouth cancer. Early detection and treatment for oral trauma prevents further damage to teeth and gums, and reduces cost of future treatment.
Cosmetic dentistry treatments are also available in London to improve oral hygiene, and whiten discoloured and stained teeth. Treatments, such as laser or power teeth whitening and veneers, transform smiles for a fresh, healthy feel and look.