19 Jul

Getting To The Root Of Smelly Breath In Central London

If you love to burn the candle at both ends in central London by going out on the lash and putting all manner of rubbish in your mouth- fast food, nicotine and alcohol, whilst being flippant with your oral hygiene…have you ever stopped to think what this is doing to your mouth? It can lead to gum disease and tooth decay and one of the end results could be that you suffer from bad breath, after which, you won’t be going out so much because you won’t be invited. Bad breath is a complex condition that can be caused by many things, especially if, as has been mentioned, you are being complacent with the way you are looking after yourself. If you want to beat this condition, you will need to change your lifestyle and make sure your teeth and gums are okay. For this you must cut out the bad habits, improve your diet, most definitely improve your oral hygiene and get your dentist in on the act to check if everything is okay in your mouth. It is easy to get bad breath but you will have to work hard if you want to beat it, otherwise you will be putting your overall health at risk.