24 Feb

Getting Tooth decay treatment in London

However much we try to take care of our teeth in London, at some point in our lives, tooth decay will form in our mouths. Tooth decays starts where bacteria is allowed to thrive in the mouth- feeding off foods and sugars that get stuck between our teeth and gums, and this decay can start to set in after only 24 hours of being in the mouth. It allows plaque and then tartar to build up around the teeth and then breaks down the enamel on the teeth- and it’s all down to poor hygiene. Mild forms of decay can be filled by a dentist- in this case, the decay has not affected the nerve, so the tooth is ok, but if the problem gets out of hand, and the decay is well advanced, more advanced restorative treatment is called for. If the nerve has been affected, a root canal may be required to remove the rotten pulp of the tooth, along with the nerves, and then the tooth is capped. In cases of a root canal, this tooth will only last, on average, a further 10 years. Worst, you could lose the tooth altogether well before this, and this can get expensive to replace, needing a bridge or to have implant fitted. Fluoride treatments and dental sealants can be used in the earl stages of the problem to help the fight, but if you need a crown, there are many to choose from, from porcelain to gold, depending on the functionality of the tooth. Essentially, you should find out from your dentist on how to fight tooth decay and the treatments available to combat the problem.