21 Jun

Getting your dental implants done in London for missing teeth

Have you lost a single tooth and don’t really want the headache of getting a three unit bridge of a replaceable bridge to replace the tooth? Well read on for the latest on London dental implantsDental implants have taken the world by storm. The simple procedure of placing a screw into bone and then permanently inserting an artificial tooth on it was an old idea but no one really thought it would be so successful! The procedure is now routinely done for patients who can afford it and request it. For your knowledge here is a list of the frequently asked question regarding dental implants-
Are all dental implants successful?
Implant techniques have been around since the 1950s and newer procedures and techniques are still being innovated. If the process is done by an expert then a 93% success rate is guaranteed. The remaining seven percent is also dependent on patient co-operation in maintaining oral hygiene.
Can everyone do a dental implant?
Generally if you are healthy without any chronic disease you can request the process for yourself .but you will need a detailed medical examination as well as a complete dental examination before the dentist can start the procedure.
How long will the process take and is it noticeable by other people?
The process will take about 3-4 months and once the procedure is done it’s literally impossible to make out the implant from natural teeth.