24 May

Getting your teeth back by Whitening in the City of London

You better believe it, teeth whitening products are here, and they’re going to stay- thank heavens they are too. It took a long time for the dental world to catch up with the idea of fashion and technology, but it didn’t hold back once it did. The city of London is flooded with the latest ‘must have whitening ideas. Teeth can say a lot about the person you and whether you like or not, people in today’s world get turned off by discolored teeth, it can be interpreted as a form of laziness – especially as it’s never been more easier to remedy the problem; walk into most chemists and you can pick up something for as little as £10 to kick start your new look. Most home whitening kits come in the guise of trays that you simply fill with the bleaching agent and then pop into your mouth; this has evolved into brushes and pens too. Generally, you can start to see the results in around 30 minutes, but you can keep going until you get the color you want, that’s the beautiful flexibility of these products- that and the fact your doing it yourself at home. However, if you feel you can’t trust yourself to do it, then get your dentist to do it for you. In as little as a couple of hours, your dentist will be able give you the latest laser treatments to make your teeth as pretty as porcelain.