26 Nov

Getting your Teeth into Shape in London

There is a great clamour to get your smile into shape in London, but sometimes you can be seduced into treatments that you really don’t need, when something simpler will suffice. Your teeth show exactly the person you are when you smile and so you want to get them into shape as best you can, and contouring could well be the easiest, and the cheapest way forward. A few millimetres here and there can radically transform the way you look. But when you undergo this, you are shaving away the enamel of the teeth and this can leave them vulnerable to tooth decay. Normally, this process is a precursor to having veneers fitted or other cosmetic treatments. But, there is no doubt that if your teeth are growing in all directions, with some longer than others, teeth contouring is the way forward but the teeth will need some form of back-up on the surface to ensure they remain healthy and free of disease.