11 Jun

Getting your Veneers replaced in Central London

4487372_blogCosmetic dentistry is full of magical ways to get your mouth looking stunning again in central London and one or these is the veneer: a treatment that covers up a myriad of ills on the teeth and leaves you feeling beautiful. It is a simple treatment whereby a tiny little porcelain covering is cemented over the surfaces of your teeth to cover up gaps, cracks and general ageing from years of wear and tear. If looked after, these can last out anywhere up to 20 years, after which you only have to replace them again for a couple of more times in your life. The process will have probably even got better the next time you have it done, so who knows how long the next generation of veneers will last. But if you are a little uncaring with them and keep breaking them, constant replacements can not only hurt your pocket, but can also take its toll on the surfaces of your teeth if they are constantly being worked on which will make the next fitting of the veneer a little bit more complex as you lose more and more from the surface of your tooth.