08 May

Ghastly Gum Disease in London

Gum disease in London is evil: make no mistake about how dangerous this condition is because not only does it wreak havoc in your mouth, it can cause damage throughout your body too.Gum disease is a direct result of poor oral hygiene, that and avoiding the dentist. The idea behind oral hygiene is to prevent plaque from developing in the mouth as this is where every other problem in the mouth stems from, gum disease included.
If not removed, the plaque will turn to tartar that build up around the base of the teeth and infects the gums, meanwhile, tooth decay can develop that will also lead to gum disease; this will cause the gums to ‘die’ leading to inevitable tooth loss. But whilst all of this is going on, the gums disease, that is quite poisonous, will be leaking toxins into the bloodstream and over a prolonged period, poison the heart and other organs, causing them to fail.
You will fist become aware of gum disease when you gums ‘weep’ or bleed after brushing and it is now you should jump into action as soon as this occurs. Between you and your dentist, you should clean your teeth and gums and ‘up’ the way you look after your mouth, this will include improving your diet, your oral hygiene and cutting down on the smoking and drinking. Herbal products are excellent in the fight against gum disease so you should find out as much as you can about the way they work. Of course, if the problem has been allowed to go beyond this point, rectifying it becomes complex. Cleaning the teeth and gums is an intricate procedure but necessary in order to remove any disease and bacteria. Serious cases may require bone grafting and gum contouring in order to save your teeth.