10 Aug

Gleaming White Fillings in Central London

There was a time when white fillings were considered to be rather frail compared to amalgam and were prone to falling out regularly. But in central London, white fillings have caught up dramatically as the materials they are made from have evolved enamel plus being one of them, boasting the longevity of amalgam. There are different composite elements that go into different white fillings, but one is a constant, the dye. This will ensure that the filling will match exactly the colour of the surrounding teeth, which is one of its greatest selling points: TV makeover shows have brought the white filling into the spotlight, promoting how natural it is in the mouth, whilst rather putting down the ‘ugly, tired and grey amalgam’ at the same time and so people have caught the trend bug and more and more are opting for this filling. However, white fillings can be quite fragile and to use them at the rear of the mouth may be a bit fool-hardy as there are a lot of chewing forces going through these teeth. If you still want the natural look though, you should sit down with your dentist and discuss what’s available and what you should go for and you won’t be out of pocket either with white fillings- on average, they start from around £40, which is not half bad for a pretty natural look to your smile.