25 Oct

Glory Brushing in the City of London

If you are keen on your oral hygiene in the city of London and you want to get it right, then it all starts with getting the right brush. This is not as easy as it sounds and your needs will invariably change as you get older so how do you decide? Well you could start at the dentists- they know your mouth as well as you do. Between you, you can come up with a plan that will not only be gentle on your teeth and gums, but do the job that a brush is intended to do. The first hurdle to overcome is the hardness of the bristles and generally, this can come down to trial and error until you settle on the one for you. With this in the bag, it’s time to choose the style/shape of brush that suits the way you brush and again, many to choose from, so test the water first. Now of course, if you have been shopping of late, you may have noticed the incredible array of electric brushes on the market: some rotate, some pulse up and down, but all are superb at removing plaque and tartar, as well as taking the work away from your wrist. You can even buy electric brushes now that come with a water jet to clean below the gum-line. Spoilt for choice? Well yes you are but here’s something you should consider: all of these products are reasonably priced and if you spend a year test driving them, you may well find the ultimate brush that will keep your teeth clean for the rest of your life.