11 Jul

Go for the Natural Look with White Fillings from Your Central London Dentist

Cavities are one of the most common dental problems to occur. Even the most vigilant tooth brusher runs the risk of one day developing a cavity. Regularly brushing and flossing is likely to hugely reduce the risk of tooth decay and cavities but nothing can guarantee they won’t appear. If you are unlucky enough to develop a cavity you no longer have to assume you’ll end up with a mouth full of silver. White fillings have been around for a number of years now but recent developments in material compounds have made them better than ever.
Instead of having to chose between the endurance of silver amalgam and the cosmetic appeal of white fillings you are now able to have good looking teeth that are also strong. White fillings are now made of composite resin that is available in several different shades, meaning your dentist will be able to pick and match the shade that most closely resembles your natural teeth, only a dentist would be able to recognise it from your real teeth, and even they might struggle!
Although there strength has greatly improved in recent years, white fillings still do not quite match the durability of silver amalgam. It is for this reason that at times your dentist may still recommend the use of silver, for instance if you have a habit of grinding your teeth you may need the extra strength of silver. But for most instances your dentist will likely recommend white fillings. Beyond simply filling the cavity, white fillings actually improve the structural integrity of the broken tooth. Unlike silver amalgam which requires the tooth to be drilled out, white filling moulds to the shape of the cavity and reinforces the original tooth.