17 Apr

Go Mini Implants in the City of London for Your Tooth Replacement Needs

A mini implant is a temporary or smaller dental implant serving as a substitute tooth root, for the attachment of dental prosthetic devices or restorations. Temporary mini implants are designed to be removed at a later date, when permanent dental implants will be fixed into place.
Mini implants may serve to permanently anchor artificial teeth, such as crowns, replacing incisors or small teeth. Mostly used for temporary purposes, mini implants generally do not fuse with existing jaw bone as full permanent dental implants do.
Patients with loose-fitting dentures or bridges often benefit from the stabilising quality of mini dental implants. Dentists in Central London may use mini dental implants so that patients with jaw bone weakness do not need to have bone graft treatment before implants are inserted within the jawbone.
Two techniques used by Central London dentists to fit mini implants are delayed placement and immediate loading. Mini dental implants are made of titanium, forming a rod-shape with a ball-like head and ‘O-ring’ that serves as a tooth socket with retainer for fixture attachment.
Dentures, bridges or crowns are easily attached to mini dental implants. Increasingly people choose mini dental implants because they are more affordable than full dental implants and provide secure fitting of replacement teeth fixtures.
Smaller in diameter than full dental implants, mini dental implants are ideal to stabilise loose lower dentures and require less invasive dental procedures. Mini dental implants may be used as temporary supports while allowing underlying oral tissue to heal. Treatment time is shorter, procedures are pain-free and patients experience faster healing for healthy teeth.
Mini implants may be obtained in the City of London by locals and visitors in need of treatment. Implant dentists provide recommendations according to patient needs, giving patients choices in implant treatment for a healthy beautiful smile.