07 Nov

Go on- Floss and keep healthy in Central London

Flossing is quite a new way of looking after your teeth in central London if you look at it in the overall scheme of dentistry things, but it has its place and you should ensure that you should incorporate it into all your oral hygiene routines. Flossing can get into places where toothbrushes fear to tread, or frankly just can’t get to. The essential essence of oral hygiene is to ensure you remove all the rubbish you have been bunging into your mouth over the course of the day and give your pretty teeth and lovely pink gums a chance to fight off the evils of decay and disease. Working dental floss in and around your teeth will ensure that you get rid of all those little bits of food that brushing may have missed and ensure that bacteria cannot develop in the mouth at all. You can also take the process another step further by daubing the floss with something like tea tree oil first- such herbal gems not only help as you work in the floss, but they can also help stimulate the gums into action and help the blood to circulate around the mouth. There are many flosses on the market so there are a lot to choose from and so maybe after trying some out first, you will find one that suits you and hence, give you the optimum chance of keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy for life.