16 Jan

Going beyond Brushing in London

Taking a step further than Brushing in London
There are some magnificent toothbrushes and paste on sale on the London market today; with brushes, you can buy bent one, angled ones, flexible ones, ones that you can scrape your tongue with too, but especially, ones the make noises and do all the hard work for you! When it comes to pastes too, you’ll find ones out there somewhere to fight off any conditions in your mouth that may arise. This is great, but you may have also noticed there are all sorts of other strange little gadgets you can buy as well, that are specifically designed to back up the brushing process; not to impugn the work that your toothbrush does, but they are lumpy old things that aren’t quite designed to get to those more intimate places between the teeth and gums where food can get caught and then breed bacteria. Flossing is great for getting where these foods lurk and clearing them out, as are those fantastic little inter-dental brushes. Mouthwashes are excellent for rinsing with afterwards to flush out things and help with everything that has gone before. And if you fancy giving your gums a vacation, massaging them with certain herbal oils is a superb way to stimulate and put the life back into your mouth.