23 May

Grave Gingivitis in London

Gingivitis can cause mayhem in your mouth in London: This disease inflames and infects the tissues that support your teeth, the gums and the tooth sockets themselves. Again and again, all problems in the mouth stem from plaque and once this is allowed to harden into tartar, it attacks the gums, causing swelling and infection, but this is not the only cause of gingivitis, prolonged illnesses can lower the immune system and dry up the saliva in the mouth- as can prolonged medication and having lots of bad habits, a poor diet and bad oral hygiene.
Diabetics are also exposed to the threat of this disease.The signs are easy to spot; swollen, weeping and bleeding gums are the most common signs, but if you do have these, the problem must be tackled head on in order to save your teeth in the end. To start with, you need to see your dentist immediately for a proper clean in and around your gums and teeth. This can be quite an uncomfortable procedure but a necessary one in order to clear your mouth of bacteria. Then it is down to you; you need to change the way you do things and especially how you look after your teeth. After such a clean from the dentist you need to learn how to floss and brush properly and use a good anti-bacterial mouth-wash.
You can follow this up by incorporating some herbal remedies into your regime; rinsing with salty water, soaking your floss in tea-tree oil, using Echinacea on your toothbrush, all of these will help to soothe the gums and induce a better blood flow through the nerves.