21 Oct

Great Dental Veneers in Central London

Getting your teeth back in shape in central London after years of wear and tear may require a bit of cosmetic work in order to get you back on track and if you are suffering from worn down teeth and have gaps starting to appear, you may like to consider asking your dentist about getting some dental veneers fitted in order to improve your smile. Now there are quite a few options you can go for here but they generally fall into two categories, resin and porcelain. Resin veneers are commonly known as cosmetic bonding, but they plug up the problems quickly and you can have all your issues covered up in less than an hour: the treatment isn’t as durable as porcelain but it is easy to repair if anything goes wrong. Porcelain veneers are equally excellent in the finish that they give, but their fitting is a little more intricate than resin veneers, but they can last up to a fine 15 years if you care for them and they will hide away your ills from years of abuse. Both options help to turn back the years and restore your smile again so check-in with your dentist before making your choice. If it’s a quick cheap fix you seek, then go for resin based veneers, if however you want longevity, then opt for porcelain. Either or, the results will be the same- sensational.