31 Jan

Grinding your health to disaster in the City of London

Fighting Teeth Grinding in the City of London
One of the dangers that affect lots of people in a busy place like the city of London is stress and it can be very damaging to your health, but it also can be destructive to your upper body via your teeth. There are many ways to deal with stress, from anger management to mastering the art of relaxation before you go to bed, otherwise, it can lead to teeth grinding and overtime, lead to some pretty nasty damage around your upper body. Sure, your dentist can prescribe you a gum-shield to stop you damaging your teeth, but if you don’t get your stress under control, you will still be biting your teeth together throughout the night- the obvious signs of this is an aching jaw in the mornings, which will inevitably lead to damage in your jaw joints, and fatigue because you have not slept well; over time, your jaws will start to click, you may suffer from tinnitus and you will be damaging your neck and upper back. Should it ever reach this stage, you may not only require restoration to your teeth in order to protect the mouth’s bite, but you may need surgery to your jaws and neck as well, which doesn’t make pretty reading at all. The remedy is to ask your dentist to help you with the problem if you become aware of that you are suffering from this condition.