14 Dec

Guard against gum disease with effective diagnosis from London dentists

Given that gum disease is a greater cause of tooth loss than tooth decay itself and that as many as three quarters of British adults have gum disease in some form at the moment, it is time to start taking the health of your gums seriously. Gum diseases can be extremely painful but they are often entirely reversible. Your London dentist will be able to spot all the early signs of gum disease.
Gingivitis is the most common form of gum disease and you might have it if your gums are more red than pink and have a tendency to bleed during brushing. Gingivitis is easily avoided by pursuing the recommended dental hygiene routine at home of brushing and flossing twice a day but you should report to your dentist if you think you might have it. Leaving gingivitis untreated can lead to worse problems.
If gingivitis is allowed to progress it might turn into periodontitis. This painful condition is an inflammation of the gums and, in worst cases, the bones holding your teeth in place are affected too. This can lead to teeth falling out and the subsequent pain and difficulties with eating, drinking and talking. It is a good reason to be vigilant about the health of your gums.
Signs of gum disease that you ought to look out for include an odd metallic taste, bad breath, blood in your mouth when you brush your teeth or the feeling that your teeth don’t ‘fit’ in your mouth anymore. You might also wish to examine your mouth for patches that are red or swollen. Contact your London dentist if you spot any of these indicators of gum disease. Allowing your dentist to examine you early lessens the risk of painful advanced diseases and invasive procedures.