26 Oct

Gum contouring in London

If you feel like you have a “gummy” smile, that is, too much gum showing, then come by and see your London dentist. Your London dentist will evaluate your gummy problem and may suggest different courses of treatment, or gum contouring, to rectify this problem. Your teeth may appear to be too short. After performing a complete intra-oral examination and taking the appropriate X-rays, your London dentist will review your condition and recommend a solution. Sometimes when there a bulbous oral bone in front of your teeth, your gums will overextend by themselves and form what is called a “pseudo” pocket between your gum and tooth/teeth. This excess gum tissue can be removed by using a scalpel, special laser, or cauterising device. However, if the bony structure remains thick, there is a possibility for this gum tissue to grow back, however not to the original length. Some bony recontouring may also be necessary. There are also times when the teeth are severely misaligned and only one or two teeth show too much gum tissue. If the gum is thinner, gum recontouring will most likely be the procedure that is required. Your dentist will review all of this with you and see which choice is best for you. So, make an appointment to visit your London dental clinic.