04 Feb

Gum Disease and Halitosis in the City of London

If you suffer from halitosis in the city of London, there’s a good chance that you may be suffering from gum disease as well, for the causes of both these problems are very similar. Poor oral hygiene is the main offender- if foods are not removed from the mouth, pungent bacteria can build up, this not only leads to bad breath, but to gum disease as well. The saliva in the mouth works to remove this bacteria, but if there is not enough fluid to combat this, the mouth can become dry. It’s important to have a good diet and be aware of what foods are being put in the mouth; smoking and excessive drinking also add to the problem. A bad diet can lead to gastric problems and a breakdown of the immune system in the body, both of which can lead to gum disease and halitosis. As with anything of the body, prevention is better than cure, but if the problems have already set in, treatment is required from a dentist. Having either of these problems is not the end of the road, but treating them can mean a change in lifestyle and attention to detail when it comes to oral hygiene. Fixing gum disease can also be expensive and is not reversible- but it can be prevented from spreading and by reducing it you can reduce one of the causes of halitosis.