24 Dec

Gum disease and how to avoid it, some advice from a Central London dentist

A Central London dentist has recently given advice on the prevention and treatment of gum disease. Tooth loss is generally thought to be due to the tooth simply coming loose, but in most cases it is actually due to a periodontal disease. This is an advanced form of Gingivitis. Is it preventable? A Central London dentist recently advised that gum disease is a natural product of modern living, the food we eat is full of chemicals that are necessary to keep it fresher for longer. The sugar, fat and salt content of our diet, even a well balanced diet, can affect our gums and create the breeding grounds for gum disease. It isn’t preventable entirely, but with a good healthy approach to oral hygiene and regular dental checks; we can lessen the burden. Removing the causes of the disease is a must to keep the mouth as disease free as possible. Plaque is the main contender and the bacteria it contains is in everything we put in our mouths. Keeping the levels down to a minimum will ensure a lot less gum disease. The disease will eat away at the base of the tooth and prematurely cause a breakage from the bone. It also causes the gums to shrink; gums are a protective layer over the teeth that guard against damage to the most vulnerable part of the tooth; which is the base. In losing the gums to a disease like Gingivitis it is not only painful, but in most cases irreversible, it really is a case of prevention rather that cure because there isn’t one. The best a dentist can do is to slow down the process, the rest is really up to us as the owner of teeth, and prevention is always better than cure.