01 Nov

Gum Disease and Smoking in London

Every time you light up a cigarette in London, you are putting quite a strain on your mouth, teeth and gums. The nicotine and chemicals in a fag attack the natural saliva in your mouth and over a prolonged period of time, this will cause the mouth to dry up. Apart from the staining from nicotine, the lack of saliva will put your mouth at danger to periodontal disease, cavities and inevitably gum disease- which is a killer in itself as it can have detrimental effects on the heart. Overcoming the problem isn’t easy either and may require intricate techniques down at the dentists, let alone the fact that you are going to have to be more attentive to the way you look after teeth and gums. Dentists are very aware of such issues and some will also give you advice on how to quit smoking altogether. Once you have a habit, it isn’t that simple to just drop, but it is important that you are completely aware of the dangers that come with smoking and the damage it can cause to your gums; no-one is telling you how to live your life, far from it, but you can at least try to cut down and learn to look after your oral hygiene. Your dentist will be there to give you all the advice you need so don’t be afraid to ask.