04 Jul

Gum disease beaten with the expert help from dentists in City of London

It is teeth that tend to grab most of the headlines when it comes to dentistry. But this is changing as the public realise that they need to take just as much care over their gums as their teeth. This recognition is timely as gum disease is a real problem amongst adults in the United Kingdom and accounts for more cases of teeth being lost than actual tooth decay.
This is hardly surprising when you think about it. Gums are essentially what hold teeth in place, with help from the jaw bone too of course. Yet they can become diseased in much the same way that teeth can become unhealthy. The prime culprit in both cases is the plaque that is formed when you eat and drink. If it is not adequately cleared from the gums then they will lose their health and there will be an impact on your mouth.
Initially gum disease can be diagnosed because of slight reddening and feelings of sensitivity when substances that are hot or cold are consumed. In advances stages then the gums will be far from the pink colour that indicates excellent health, instead they will turn a fierce hue of red and begin to recede, giving the effect that teeth are lengthening.
The best way to combat gum disease is not only to brush as normal but also to make sure that are flossing too. Flossing is a vital activity that removes the plaque from the places where tooth brushes are simply unable to reach: between your teeth. In the early stages of gum disease (called gingivitis) this is probably all that your City of London dentist will advise and the condition is quite reversible. But once things have progressed and periodontitis takes hold, tooth loss becomes a great possibility and more drastic action might be needed.