12 Jun

Gums Receding? Speak to Your Central London Dentist About Gum Grafts

For several reasons our gums can begin to recede and expose more of your teeth. While for some this will not be a problem, for other this can lead to dental issues and aesthetic displeasure. A gum graft can use dental tissue from your mouth to reposition your gums. While for many their gums recede purely with age it can also occur through excess brushing, the grinding of teeth and gum disease.
The gum grafting operation involves moving your gum line further down up or down your teeth to cover a larger area of the tooth. This of course will leave a space above the gum line that is no longer covered and revealing the tooth’s root. To cover this, the dentist will be able to remove a small strip of soft tissue from the roof of your mouth and place it into position in the new gap. Since this is done swiftly the tissue will naturally reattach itself to its new position. Over time new blood vessels will grow to link your gums to the new tissue, making the new section of gum in distinguishable from the rest of your mouth.
Depending on the size of the gum grafting, full recovery can take up to two months. In this time swelling is likely to occur and mild discomfort, which can be treated with standard painkillers. If it was necessary to expose bone in the grafting process recovery can take longer. As with any surgery there are some risks: excessive swelling, loose tissue, infection and asymmetrical healing. While it is important to be aware of the risks, most gum grafting is very successful. Speak to your Central London dentist to find out whether gum grafting would be right for you.