11 May

Hand signals for your London dentist

Are you scared of your dentist? Wondering what on earth he is doing in your mouth? Is that funny vibration supposed to be there? What is that weird clove oil stink? Is this going to hurt? All these thoughts and more run through your mind while the dentist has his fingers and almost half of his hand inside your mouth. And as you very well know it’s really difficult to catch the doctor’s attention when he’s so focused on your tooth and its wellbeing!Well now no need to worry. You can communicate with your doctor during the treatment procedure without worrying about biting off half of his fingers or getting a hole drilled in the wrong tooth by mistake! A new system of hand signals has been started for dental anxiety patients who can communicate a stop or a timeout to their dentist mid-procedure!
DentiSign is the sole innovation of Raymond Cadden, who explained that when he had to get his veneers done, he and his dentist decided on a whole set of hand signals to communicate any problems he could have. He said the sign chart he prepared really cit down dentist frustration as well as patient anxiety during procedures and he got the entire treatment done much, much faster! And the best parties the chart is readily available on the internet at the site www.dentisign.com.