10 Dec

Hassle-free dentures form City of London dentist

Dentures, or partial dentures, are artificial teeth that are specifically designed to replace all or part of the dental arc when teeth have been lost to decay or accidental damage. In the past dentures have had something of a bad reputation because they were unrealistic and patients often had trouble with poorly fitted sets, but denture technology has come a long way.
Losing teeth, whether to decay or because of a head trauma or accident, can be a very unpleasant experience. Everyday activities like eating and drinking can become very difficult and speech and facial structure can be adversely affected. It is important to replace missing teeth to limit the damage done to bite and also for aesthetic reasons. Many people with missing teeth feel embarrassed about their situation and are ashamed to smile or show their missing teeth. A set of dentures can restore a patient’s confidence to smile and eat foods made difficult when teeth are missing.
Modern dentures are made from a combination of ceramic and acrylic resin. They are fitted over the top of remaining gum tissue and ideally should remain in place by suction alone. This is sometimes not the case and loose dentures can fall out or cause irritation to the sensitive gum tissue. For this reason many denture wearers resort to using adhesives to secure their dentures, which is an added hassle and can prevent patients eating certain foods. One alternative option that is becoming more popular is mini-implants anchored directly into the jawbone to act as a solid base for the dentures. This reassures the wearer and feels more like real teeth.
Losing your teeth is something we could all do without, but with nearly a quarter of all people aged over 75 having no original teeth remaining it is a fact we may have to face. However, with improved quality denture technology available form City of London dentists, wearing dentures is not the burden it used to be. Denture wearers can now live a perfectly normal life, eating what they want when they want free from the worry of embarrassment.