18 Feb

Have a London Dentist Look at Your Gummy Smile

If a lot of gum is showing when a person smiles, this might be referred to as a ‘gummy smile’. While gummy smiles are actually a normal and healthy attribute to a person’s facial structure, a lot of people feel self-conscious about having a gummy smile, and seek to have it ‘corrected’. Luckily, some simple procedures exist that can vastly reduce the amount of gum showing when smiling.
Gummy smiles can be treated in a few different ways. Patients with only a mildly gummy smile can have their gums lifted with dental veneers. This is a natural way to lift the gums up to a more natural height by affixing veneers to the teeth to allow for a big, healthy smile.
More severely disproportionate gums may require surgical repositioning of the upper jaw, which can take up to two months to heal. While it’s a lengthy process, the results of jaw repositioning can be huge, especially for those who feel their self-esteem is negatively impacted by their gummy smile.
While gummy smiles are in no way indicative of oral health problems, many people feel that they directly hinder their self-confidence, and cosmetic correction of gummy smiles is a common treatment offered by many dentists.
Ask your London dentist for more information about gummy smile correction at your next check-up to see if the treatment would suit you.