05 Aug

Having a Bridge fitted is quite easy. By a London dentist

A London dentist has been talking about the benefits of having a Bridge fitted to solve the problem of the need for a false tooth. We can all so easily lose a tooth which leaves an unsightly gap; the problem is how do we fill that gap? First choice to many people would be a denture, but many people just don`t get on with dentures and they are high maintenance. Next choice may be a Dental Implant, but these can take months to complete the fitting, the last choice would be have a Bridge fitted. A Bridge is a false tooth that is held in position by being anchored to the good teeth either side of the gap; it looks like 3 teeth because it is just that in a way. The good anchor teeth are filed down to a square, this is the exact same size as the inside hollow of the anchor teeth, which are also made of porcelain. The anchors are fitted over the teeth and cemented on; this allows the false tooth in the middle to be suspended safely to fill the gap. It can be used the same as any of your own natural teeth, and if it become damaged it is easily replaced in a few weeks. The cleaning of the bridge is just the same as for all your other teeth, and they will still need a Tartar clean up every 6 months, it won`t appear obvious either and most wearers forget they have one in.