17 Jan

Having a Dental Check-up in the City of London

It seems incredible that a large percentage of us in the city of London do not consider a visit to the dentist a priority, but see it rather as a chore. But this could be a very fatal attitude, as what goes into the mouth and what happens in the mouth can affect the rest of the body. The build up of plaque can lead to gum disease, tooth decay cavities and eventually tooth loss. Gum disease can lead to halitosis, problems in the kidneys, heart and premature birth in women, whilst losing teeth can affect the ‘bite’ in the mouth, and that can lead to problems with the ears nose and eye, cause headaches and pain in the neck and upper back. A simple visit will address all these problems. Your dentist can check for all these problems and assess the health of your mouth. An x-ray can check for decay or cavities forming, how your teeth bite together and then solve any problems. The dentist will remove any build up of plaque and tartar to stop gum disease, and if you already have a problem, recommend solutions. You can talk about any cosmetic work you are thinking about having. It’s also a chance to discuss how to keep a good level of oral hygiene going in the home. Your dentist is there to look after your mouth and keep you healthy, but start missing check-ups at your peril. Apart from the health implications, there’s the cost-getting your teeth back in shape can put a dent in your pocket.