09 Aug

Having a Hygienist in the City of London

There a several specialist fields of dentistry that concentrate specific areas of the mouth and behind every good dentist in the city of London, you will find a hygienist lurking in the background. Their role is to help you to maintain the health of your mouth by cleaning and offering advice on how to better look after your teeth and gums at home. When you visit them, they will check the condition of your teeth from an x-ray and then carry out a series of cleaning tasks if required- the main one being scaling and polishing to ensure the teeth, above and below the gum-line, are free of plaque. They will polish your teeth, apply fluoride varnishes and coatings to help put minerals back into your teeth’s enamel, and sometimes apply dental sealants. These things that a hygienist does are all designed to steer you away from evils such as gum and periodontal disease and maintain your oral health. You can also discuss things that you get up to at home, especially when it comes to oral hygiene; they have advice on what brush and toothpastes to use and how to use them. Most importantly, your body, teeth and gums will thrive if the immune system is strong and healthy and this leans heavily on having a good healthy diet- your hygienist can supply you with information on how to care for your body and your health, which then comes through in your smile.