12 Mar

Having a Scale and Polish in Central London

Not everyone’s teeth grow to order in central London and this can make cleaning them very difficult for you to clean daily. Crooked and different shaped teeth can have many nooks and crannies for plaque to hide in and against all your valiant efforts, problems can arise like tooth caries and the build up of calculus around the base of the teeth and then soon, you could well find your gums bleeding when you brush- a pre-cursor to gum disease. All of this makes it vitally imperative that you keep up with your visits to your dentist/hygienist. They have all the tools required to remove signs of plaque and rock-hard calculus and they can scale in places you wouldn’t have thought were there. This will firstly free your teeth up and if need be, your teeth can be de-scaled below the gum-line as well for a thorough clean. If you make sure that you combine your visits with excellent cleaning at home, your visits will be shorter and less stressful. After the scale, comes the polish and after brushing your teeth thoroughly, they can then be buffed and polished as well. Not only will they look gorgeous and shine, but they will also feel remarkably fresh and clean as well.