19 Jan

Having Braces Fitted in Central London

Braces in central London are an important factor in oral health whatever your age. Ok, they can look unsightly and affect you psychologically, but they are an important element in teeth growth, eliminating problems with your ‘bite’, removing problems in later life an of course, giving you a pretty smile. There are plenty to choose from out there, according to your individual requirements and bank balance. Normally, we would associate braces with having a mouth full of metal, but times have changed and treatments advanced. If you’re young, having a brace fitted can be traumatic- but it needn’t be. A lot of braces look very discreet in the mouth now, incorporating clear ceramic plates and thin wires. In the case of Invisalign, this is one designed for the vain among us- it’s clear and removable and almost invisible in the mouth. But braces are becoming more acceptable to wear for adults now too and with new technology driving these orthodontic methods forward, treatment times have reduced dramatically. Invisalign is a common choice for adults, as are the 6 month smile and the Inman aligner due to their speed, discretion and how they can be used without any interruption in our social lifestyle; (in fact the Inman can work as quickly as 6 weeks and can be removed for social moments). A brace can cost anything up to £3000 depending on the one you choose and your requirements, but the benefits to your mouth and general welfare makes the price rather irrelevant.