29 Feb

Hear What Sleep Apnoea is from a Top London Dentist

Sleep apnoea is a sleeping disorder which involves interrupted breathing during sleep, either through a partial blockage of the airway (hypopnoea) or a total blockage. Aside from causing day to day tiredness, sleep apnoea is very dangerous, and can increase a person’s risk or heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke.
A person suffering from sleep apnoea will rarely be aware of their interrupted breathing, and the condition is usually noticed either by somebody else, or by the individual’s own observations of its effects. This is why it’s important to be aware of the symptoms and see your doctor or dentist if you think you might be suffering from sleep apnoea.
Most people with sleep apnoea snore loudly, and their breathing may sound laboured or wheezy. Upon waking, sufferers might find they have a sore or dry throat, and a headache. If any of these symptoms describe you, you should ask your London dentist for further information and consultation.
Mild cases of sleep apnoea may just require you to make a few lifestyle changes – being overweight, smoking, and drinking can all contribute to sleep apnoea. In more serious cases of sleep apnoea, you might be recommended for CPAP – continuous positive airway pressure, which will involve wearing breathing apparatus. Severe cases may even require surgery.
While sleep apnoea might sound harmless, its complications, including type 2 diabetes, can be fatal. If you suspect you might be suffering from sleep apnoea, don’t hesitate to see your London dentist immediately.