25 Apr

HELP! I’ve got a Dental Emergency in the City of London!

It is easier said than done, but you should try to find some clarity and logic should an emergency crop up. The thing is though, every emergency is different and so you need to find help as soon as you can. Dental emergencies are no different and sometimes you may get flustered to just what is urgent and what isn’t, and something like a loss of a filling, crown or veneer, or if you get a chip or a crack will not go down too well when you call your dentist at 3 in the morning; these are still minor emergencies, but they can wait until you can be seen, as can a toothache. However, there are some conditions that can’t wait: an abscess can be life threatening; if you have a tooth knocked out, it may be saved. Both of these scenarios require immediate attention but they can happen at the most unpredictable times. If you can’t reach your own dentist, there are plenty of 24 hours dentist scattered around the city of London who will fight your corner on any emergency. Then you also have hospitals that you can go to for help, some even have a separate dental section to cover for any eventuality. Never be afraid to call dental help-lines or NHS direct either; it’s what they are there for and sometimes, just talking to someone can put clarity on an emergency.