22 Jul

Herbal alternatives on London

You may have noticed that there are a lot of health shops springing up everywhere you look in London these days. It’s become big business- reason being that herbal alternatives work and not only in there own right, in dental procedures, they can offer great support and comfort to the more modern treatments being offered by dentists. Science and technology are wonderful in the work that they do for our teeth, but they can also be a little too ‘full on’ for some of us, which is why the philosophy behind using more natural remedies has taken off- modern dentists too have picked up on the value of herbal medicine. Clove oil is a natural soothing anaesthetic; application of this can help with toothache, the eruption of wisdom teeth, and sore gums. Bleeding gums however, can indicate the onslaught of gum disease, a very serious condition, not only for the mouth, but the body too, as it poisons the blood over time. Tea tree oil soaked in dental floss can help to stop the flow of gum disease and help stop inflammation in the gums. Echinacea and aloe vera can be dropped onto the toothbrush along with your toothpaste to help clean your teeth and rejuvenate the gums. They can also be used in warm water with salt as an effective mouthwash to help treat weeping and bleeding gums. Herbal remedies offer great support to the work your dentist does to maintain the health of your teeth and gums, so find out from your dentist and your health shop of the products available to you.