17 Mar

Herbal remedies and gum disease: get the experts’ opinion from London dentists

Gum disease is something that ought to be taken seriously given that as much as seventy five per cent of the adult population of Britain is suffering from it in some form at any given time. Gum disease is actually a greater cause of tooth loss than tooth decay itself and you ought to seek advice from your dentist if you think you are suffering from it. But there are also effective ways to relieve gum disease using herbal remedies at home.
Gum disease in its most basic form is called gingivitis and can occur as the result of sub-standard oral hygiene. If plaque builds up against the gum line on your teeth then the gums can become inflamed and swollen, giving you greater sensitivity and visible redness when they ought to be a healthy pink. Gingivitis is easily dealt with by making effective changes in the way you look after your teeth at home but herbal remedies can also help.
Certain toothpastes contain particular herbs which can benefit your gums, for example, sage, peppermint and basil. You can even get hold of certain substances and apply them directly to your gums. These include calendula, Echinacea and extract of grapefruit. This can sometimes be a little aggressive for those with particularly sensitive gums so you should always seek the advice of your London dentist.
If your gums are already rather inflamed then aloe vera and clove can provide effective relief. But of course the best way to guard against gum disease is to be sure to take the best possible care of your mouth as a whole and go and visit your dentist every six months for a check up.