19 Jul

High Incidence of Fluorosis in Central London

Excessive levels of fluoride are harmful for the normal functioning of our teeth. They can lead to an increase in the formation of dental caries. Discoloration of the teeth with pitted surfaces is the primary symptom of Fluorosis. Studies and researches have been conducted all over Central London to confirm this theory. People were given fluoride on daily basis for a month’s time and the results were evaluated at different parts of the country. Initially the administration of fluoride helped in decreasing the incidence of dental caries. When the levels started exceeding in the body it started to turn harmful for the body by increasing the risk for developing caries.
According to the latest survey, it has been proven that more than forty eight percent of children have dental caries due to Fluorosis. In this, more than five percent are suffering from severe forms. This can be prevented by making alteration in your diet pattern. Avoid using fluoridated water, dental products, beverages and food substances on daily basis. Taking adequate amounts of calcium and fluoride will decrease the rate of caries. It is often seen that doctors prescribe calcium rich foods and toothpaste to the population. This is because the cavities are remineralized when substances rich in calcium are consumed.
Fluoride is the 13th abundant element present on the earth’s crust. They are accumulated in the calcified tissues like bones and teeth because of its high affinity towards calcium ions. If the levels of these fluoride ions are increased in our body, it can lead to enamel opacity and caries.