11 May

Holistic dentistry scams in London

I’m always ready to admit that I’m the eternal skeptic but this really blows my mind here! Can holistic dentistry really be good for the patient or is it just another scam dreamed up by savvy practioners to milk you out of your hard earned money? I don’t really know but I usually carry a healthy disbelief in any thing new so I decided its time to research this new fad thoroughly before it takes the world and London by storm! Here’s what I learned!• Dentists who practice the “holistic” or “biological” type of dentistry claim that the body can be moved away form the state of disease by making sure that the body is perfectly healthy and well. If the body remains healthy there will be no cavities.
• Many dentist may use useless and difficult to understand tests like badly chosen diagnostic tests, prescriptions for costly dietary supplements or even homeopathic products, some may even recommend a plastic bite appliance, removal of perfectly good amalgam fillings as well as the removal of perfectly good root-canal-treated teeth.
• A few really dubious tests which can be done are hair analysis, or a detailed dietary analysis, several blood chemistry screening tests as well as muscle strength testing. None of these tests are recommended for use with dentists and some of them are not even recognized by scientists as legitimate.
• A few hundred dentists also claim mercury filings are toxic can cause health problems like sclerosis, headaches, chronic diseases, as well as mental and emotional stress. Some times they recommend removal of these fillings and replacements with other filing materials.